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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Caffeine, skies and buildings

And you must have had just the right amount of caffeine and the right amount of ideas and the right amount of delight that day, because it feels like you're properly awake, that your eyes are opening wider than usual.

You see a pink and orange smudge behind a building and then tell yourself that you wouldn't want to be in any other world, but it is later, after you have crossed the river, and you look back towards Battersea Power Station and the sky is pink and purple and pale blue in parts, and you can't stop looking at it, and you turn your head again to catch another glimpse.

You laugh at Hide Tower and at the way a certain block of buildings is triangular, and you look at the MI6 building and imagine it exploding as in the trailer for the James Bond film you saw the other week.

You hope you can use this sudden burst of wonder, to create something, but know that really soon enough your energy will be zapped by commuting and chores, and by clicking "refresh".

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I can relate to that being zapped by commuting and chores. I hope there's an escape route somewhere that I've just been missing up until now.

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