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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Richmond Park and Speculoos

Richmond Royal Oak
I followed people dragging sledges up Richmond Hill and stood at the top, looking out over the river, watching people play in the snow, wishing I was sledging too, and then I counted the snowmen (4).

I continued up the road and passed someone carrying skis. Inside the park there were signs in certain areas forbidding skiing and tobogganing.

Richmond Park seemed magical, with snow-covered trees and ferns, and I wandered across the snow and hid inside two hollow trees, one of which is in the picture.

"Red Bull! Red Bull!" a man loudly shouted, breaking the spell. "Red Bull!"

I traipsed through the snow, circling the wood, and started heading back towards the gate. It was then that a person snowkited past, which seemed even more exciting than seeing a person carrying skis.

Then, back down the hill again, I purchased a jar of caramelised biscuit spread, which after reading miss_newham's descriptions of speculoos, I thought I would have to go to Belgium to try, but was pleased to find from hoshuteki that it is now available in London.

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That's a lovely description of snow in Richmond Park. Thank you for sharing. :-)

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