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GPS drawing

Inspired by ultraruby mentioning MapMyWalk and Mat sharing GPS tracks of a rude picture, I decided to try GPS drawing an animal. The tracks captured were not quite as accurate as I had hoped, and there were buildings and traffic in the way of where I wanted to walk sometimes, but anyway, it's a first attempt. It did lead me to places I had never been before.

GPS drawing
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That is the most beautiful er... yes! One of those! You might not have heard it because I whispered it to spare the neighbours... jealousy... it's the most beautiful one of those I've ever seen though. You talented bastard.

It's a very dangerous one of those, and haunts the streets of Westminster, trying to chew on the shoelaces of tourists.

I like the way it's dancing on the A302.

You make excellent ghosts.

Though as a tourist myself, in everywhere I've ever lived, I shall now live in inestimable terror when I see you wield the dagger of your electronic pen, to smite my kind, or at least our sartorially superior shoes, from the face of the earth.

That's a neat idea, although I don't think my phone's battery could handle anything much bigger than a cat.

I am curious now as to how many hours mine can last with MapMyWalk running. On Sunday I left it on for about 3.5 hours, and still had battery left, so at least 4, I would think, perhaps more.

That's brilliant! As a thing to do, which I'd not imagined before, and as a cow. It's a cow, right? Ermintrude with a flower (tube station) in her mouth.

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