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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Dérive 1716

I tried Dérive App today, choosing the Urban deck to play with.

The first instruction I was given was:

1. Find a one-way and walk in the opposite direction.

I was not sure where I'd find a one-way street, but found one, at Castle Street. I walked up it, passing a strange flower. I then finished Dérive 1715 by mistake and started again.


I had more success with Dérive 1716:

2. Cross the road.

I crossed the road, darting between cars, and quickly moved on to the next instruction.

3. Find a crowd.

This one was more difficult. I walked for a bit, but the streets were quiet. It was lunchtime and when I passed a Pret A Manger, I knew there would be a crowd there. I examined a can of drink with an avocado on it, and then left.

4. Turn right in two blocks.

I took the second right and found myself at a small park, which was quite convenient for the next instruction..

5. Follow something green.

I followed hedges and grass, and then in the distance, I saw a shop with a green sign.



6. Look for someone taking a photograph.

I walked up a few streets and realised this might be difficult unless I headed to a tourist attraction, so I headed to Westminster Cathedral, where there were many people taking photos. I tried to stand in the same spot as the first person I saw taking a photo.

Westminster Cathedral

7. Follow a couple

I stood by Westminster Cathedral for a while, trying to notice couples walking past, and eventually noticed a man and woman with a pushchair. They were both wearing grey jackets and blue jeans. I never saw their faces. They stopped at Clarks and looked at shoes, and I thought I'd have to leave them at that point, but I followed them until they stopped around the corner, looking in the window of another shop.


8. Ask someone their favourite place

I decided against doing this one.

9. Turn Left

I turned left and then concluded it was time to end my dérive
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