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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Badges I have found on trains or at train stations:

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What's the one on the lower left supposed to be? Is it abstract art or are there some figures I'm not making out?

The tiger guy on the top button is very strange.

The one on the lower left is actually the only one that has details around it that give away where it has come from. It's from the Hayward Gallery, so you are right, it's probably art. It looks a bit walrus-like to me.

Cropping it and feeding into a Google Image search, I'm impressed that even with the missing chunk it's able to tell me that it's a donkey/hat picture from a 2004 exhibition. (The top badge is from a band, but no results for the other one.)

A donkey/hat, excellent! I bet the owner was
sad to have lost that badge. I wonder if they were wearing it in that rusty condition or if that was the result of spending too long at a train station.

Also interesting to find out about the orange one. Thanks for revealing who that is!

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