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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Beer glass walk

In June, the Flaneurs community on Dreamwidth, has challenges.

I attempted challenge II.(d) - Beer glass walk. For a beer glass walk, you draw around an empty beer glass on a map, and then try to walk that circle as closely as possible.

My walk started by Hyde Park, then circled round through Little Venice, to Regent's Park, and then back down through Baker Street, and back to the start.

I started the walk at the Tyburn pub, at Marble Arch, in London, and then found myself standing at the marker for where the Tyburn tree (gallows) stood.

Tyburn Tree

Then was a quite dull stretch along Bayswater Road.

Luckily things improved after that!

I met a friendly Indian man outside a restaurant:


I passed an art deco style building:


Then I crossed a rather rusty bridge:


Is this a firemen's training tower?


I then found myself in Little Venice, staring out over the canal:


A tour group were standing on the other side of the cabmen's shelter:

London Cabmen's Shelter

I then passed a very spiky looking church, a street that looked as if it should have horses walking down it, Lord's Cricket Ground, and this building:


A roundabout with who I assume was St George, and a dragon appeared before me, and then this building which I at first thought had mermaids on it:


I reached Regent's Park and rested for a while on a bench, watching the birds and boats.

A few more buildings:


And then, after 5.84 miles, I was back at the Tyburn, where I had started.

Beer glass walk

MapMyWalk route.


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Impressively near-circular :):) xx

What a fun idea!

Of course, the next challenge is to do it with an OS 1:50000. Which is (fetches beer glass and vernier caliper) 13.5 km.

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