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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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100th Tube Walk

The 100th Tube Walk happened yesterday, starting at Kingsbury and ending at Wembley Park. It was my 35th Tube Walk, and over the years, attending tube walks, I have seen parts of London that I would never have thought to visit otherwise. Thank-you for organising them miss_newham and hoshuteki and thank-you for creating them, tubewalker!

On yesterday's walk, far up the Jubilee line, in north west London, there were butterflies fluttering by, and fields and woods to wander through, but also a sudden rainstorm, where we ended up sheltering underneath trees. (I tried sheltering in a tree, but alas, did not fit.)

I didn't take many photos, due to the rain, so instead, here are a few from the walk before, Tube Walk 99: King George V to London City Airport:


City Airport




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Thank you for being such a loyal attendee!

Oh, you have now done more Official Tube Walks than tubewalker!

The Tube Walks are so excellent. Like you, I have been led by them to parts of London previously unknown. I've also met some brilliant people while doing them, including you!

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