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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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NaArMaMo 2013 - Week 2

Trying to remember what I made in week 2 for naarmamo - National Art Making Month.

Day 8:
I seemed to be attempting to remix my naart from the week before!

This is a different sycamore helicopter I found on the street and then photographed though:
NaArMaMo - Day 8

I then started playing with Processing, and making the sycamore helicopter appear on the screen repeatedly (warning, it's animated):

I also tried using the sentences I created on day 4:

Day 9:
I skipped day 9.

Day 10:
I was in Burntwood and took photos of hedgerows and orange and black striped caterpillars.

NaArMaMo - Day 10

Day 11:
On the Sunday, I took photos of Lichfield:

Lichfield Cathedral

Also, I drew Totoro:
NaArMaMo - Day 11

Day 12:
I painted the clay mushroom I made the other day. Not that good a picture, but you can get an idea of the colour:
NaArMaMo - Day 12

While on a train the day before I drew a face and painted it when I got home. Added a bit more to it on day 12:
NaArMaMo - Day 12

Day 13:

More cross-stitch:
NaArMaMo - Day 13

Day 14:

I'm not sure if I did any art on day 14.