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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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NaArMaMo 2013 - Day 15 - 19

Day 15:

Day 15 is a mystery to me. I went to visit Yahoo! with the London Girl Geek Dinners group, so perhaps didn't make any art.

Day 16:
I attempted origami on day 16, but it went very wrong. This was supposed to be a crab:

After people guessed the last one was a frog, I tried to make a frog, but that went even more wrong.

NaArMaMo - Day 16

Day 17:
Day 17 involved another origami attempt, photos of fungi, and a space invader.

Space invader, colours inverted, hovering over Kent:

My mum thought it was a crab, but no, it's a fish.
NaArMaMo - Day 17

Day 18:

Tetris pieces made from Fimo.. they have holes in them so I can make a necklace with them:

NaArMaMo - Day 18

Day 19:
An 'S' for Squirmelia? (Actually, it was part of something that was finished the day after.)
NaArMaMo - Day 19

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