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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Experimental Food Society Spectacular Exhibition

Things I remember from the Experimental Food Society Spectacular Exhibition:

1. A meadow of flowers made from sugar, by Rosalind Miller Cakes.

2. The breathable tea. I had the “brain” variety and sucked the tea steam through a straw. This was from Camellia's Tea House.

3. I ate a cabbage, green tea and Lancashire cheese pastry, from the Black Isle Bakery.

4. Edible Stories. A tent where you tried two different drinks and apparently the experience changed depending which drink you have first. (ie, if you have the more bitter drink last, you end up feeling more negative about the experience.)

5. Lick me, I'm delicious liquid nitrogen ice-cream:
Dark port ice-cream with a stilton ripple served on a charcoal cracker
Salted caramel ice-cream churned with 12 year single malt served in a dark chocolate shot.

6. Oak smoked blackberry and ginger liqueur, by Alchemist Dreams.

7. Edible camera. A camera made entirely from edible materials and it actually takes photos.

8. Marmite on toast portraits.

9. Historical Bitters created by the Robin Collective, which were bitters infused with moisture extracted from:
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's office
Winston Churchill's war rooms

10. The Queen in cake form.

11. The Rialto Bridge, in Venice, made from pasta and biscuits.

I went to a talk on experimental ice-cream making and Charlie Harry Francis, founder of Lick Me I’m Delicious talked about the glow in the dark ice-cream, which is made from synthesised jellyfish proteins and glows when you lick it, and costs about £140 a scoop.

He also demonstrated making:
Gin and tonic sorbet (glows under UV due to the quinine- made with ice and salt in plastic bags, shaken by passing around the audience.)

Fire extinguisher ice-cream, made using CO2 from a fire extinguisher.

Nitro ice-cream pottery on a gramophone. Some liquid nitrogen ice-cream was placed onto the gramophone and spun as if it were a potter's wheel, and then a pot made of ice-cream was created!

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3 sounds delicious. 7 & 8 sound especially brilliant.

I like the sound of breathable tea, perhaps in the future a nice warm shower will be able to serve it. The camera also sounds awesome. Wish I'd been!

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