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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I ate and drank for the first time in 2013

What did you eat in 2013 that you’d never eaten before? What did you drink in 2013 that you’d never drunk before?

Elfe potatoes
Purple carrots

Cabbage, green tea and Lancashire cheese pastry
Nut roast sandwich
Edamame pesto
Hemp Spacebar

Bonet ice-cream
Carrot cake ice-cream
Speculoos ice-cream
Ice-cream tempura
Cannella (cinnamon) ice-cream
Yuzu ice-cream
Sweet cherry doughnut nitro ice-cream
Rosemary, honey and orange zest ice cream
Dark port ice-cream with a stilton ripple served on a charcoal cracker
Salted caramel ice-cream churned with 12 year single malt served in a dark chocolate shot
Dark chocolate & porcini ice-cream

Tayto milk chocolate bar with cheese & onion crisps
Cinnamon chocolate
Olive, salt and lemon chocolate
Cookies & Cream Kit Kat
Jelly Popping Candy and Cookie Nut Crunch chocolate
Cola Pretzel Honeycomb chocolate
Shizuoka Wasabi KitKat
Purple sweet potato KitKat
Hojicha Tea KitKat
Azuki Sandwich KitKat
Ichimi chilli KitKat

Other sweet things:
Avocado & pistachio cupcake
Avocado & chocolate mousse
Parsnip, pear and sea-salted caramel cake
Apple crumble pizza
Strawberry cheesecake mochi
Cinnamon Pringles

Crysanthemum drink
Black Frugo
Popcorn tea
Breathable tea of the brain variety (not really drinking)
Oak smoked blackberry and ginger liqueur
Bitters with moisture extracted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's office
Bitters with moisture extracted from Winston Churchill's war rooms

In conclusion, perhaps next year I need to eat more new and wonderful vegetables and less ice-cream. I did make my own seitan for the first time this year at least.

What did you eat or drink for the first time this year? (No animals, please.)

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Sipsmith Gin

Salgam(a Turkish soft drink)

Non-peppermint mint ice-cream

Pickled walnut

Raging Bull cheese

Ooh, Salgam is on my to-try list. How was it?

Pickled walnuts sound interesting too, as does the ice cream!

The salgam I tried was not to my taste at all - sour and salty, like drinking pickling juice.

I now remember two other new things I ate this year, but I made them up myself:
Purple salad, which is just coleslaw, but with purple carrots and purple cabbage and grated beetroot.
Magenta mash, which is mashed potatoes with beetroot. The beetroot and potatoes were cooked together, but the beetroot is harder than the potatoes, so there were little chunks of beet in the smooth magenta potato mash.

What a lovely list! I wish I'd managed to keep a full one but I kept forgetting. The most memorable first of my culinary year was arancini in a vegetarian tomato and mozzarella version, which I remember because arancini are such a big cultural meme because that fictional detective eats them but mine seemed rather a dull way to eat tomatoes and mozzarella whenone considers all the possible alternatives.

Blimes, who says vegetarians can't eat adventurous food? I don't think I like the sound of olive-flavoured chocolate at all though...

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