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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I emerge from the lift and walk into the foyer and there are ballerinas pirouetting. I wonder where the lift has taken me, some other office, some other world, where I am unable to take the stairs.

Another time in the foyer, I stop to look at the pictures that are arranged in the corner and they are photographs of celebrities, some I have never heard of, but stare at anyway. I linger just a little longer when I see the photo of Robert Downey Jr, and perhaps even smile, because in my head, he is still Larry, someone who is just a little bit strange like Ally McBeal is, someone with an imagination.

I stand at the train station, in the fog, and wonder where the rest of the world has gone. I am not sure I believe there is anything beyond the white house with the red roof. I get on the train and only see a faint glimmer of the Thames and suppose that has gone too.

I was given a Moshi Monsters advent calendar and I open the door on 11/12/13 and the chocolate shape inside resembles the moon, smiling. I eat the moon and tell myself to look at the sky tonight, just in case.