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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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2013 Failed Tasks

Alas, I failed to do any of the tasks in 2013 that bennybunny, gnommi and strawberryfrog gave me:

1. Ride an elephant in to work
2. Have a dessert named after you by a salacious admirer
3. Create an alternative to communication to the mobile phone which involves sharing secrets with strangers
4. Start a pickle factory
5. Take a photograph of the reflection of an iceberg

I might attempt them in 2014 instead. I have made progress on "Start a pickle factory", by asking my brother to give me some pickle powder for Christmas (and also a pickle maker, but that was sadly out of stock), so I will make pickles, of the Japanese variety, soon.

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It's a black day for Bunny kind.

But there's still ten days or so left not including christmas you big quitter! >:(

I'll try harder next year, I promise!

I love the sound of #3. I'm imagining something about the size of a pager that you can tell your secret, and somewhere else in the world someone's device will buzz and you'll answer it and you'll hear/see an anonymous secret. Each time it buzzed I would hope it would be a happy secret.

Isn't there also a site that puts up ransom-note-style personal confessions in a photo blog?

Cabinet glass at the Horniman Museum could get you #5.

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