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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I went to EMFCamp the last time it happened (2012) and enjoyed it, so am intending to go this year. It's at the end of August near Milton Keynes.

Description from the website:
"Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is a non-profit UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, geeks, scientists, engineers, artists, and crafters."

I've already started to think of what I can make and take along to it.

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I may have breathed a sigh of relied when the dates were announced. It's close but not too close to Nine Worlds. Looked like lotd of fun last time, hope you enjoy it again!

We're going too :-) We had a blast at OHM (Observe Hack Make) in the Netherlands last year, and made friends with the EMF bunch (among others)

I heard about EMF last time too late to go / work out just eaxctly what it was and if I wanted to go. We've got our tent and everythign from OHM too, so we're all prepared(ish) and stuff.

I thnk we'll be planning on camping with the Milliways village. We met and joined them at OHM through our freinds.

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