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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Croydon Fun

A tram in Crocus Valley (otherwise known as Croydon), took me to Coombe Lane for a tram walk, organised as part of nou's Croydon Fun Weekend.

We walked through an awful lot of mud, patted a veteran oak tree, and glanced up as parrots flew above us and squawked.

I played on a swing (a piece of wood tied to a branch), saw good views across London (the distant Canary Wharf! The Shard!), and wandered past a windmill.

Then after that, we caught up with Team Kake who had cooked some delicious food, including spicy aubergine, and chocolate and avocado mousse.

On Sunday, I returned to Croydon.

"Have a fantastic day! You deserve it," said graffiti on the train.

"Good luck," more graffiti said.

We were led on an architecture tour around Croydon by Croydon Tours. Croydon has a variety of architectural styles, all mixed in together, so it was an interesting tour. A hospital from Gotham City, Mark from Peep Show's office, a medieval KFC, almshouses, a palace, brutalist architecture, signs and architectural details left over from shops long since closed, skyscrapers, good views from the top of a car park, and so on. It was interesting to hear why Croydon had become such a mish-mash of styles.

Thanks for organising, nou!

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Thank you for coming! And thanks also for this writeup.

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