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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Russell Hoban Day

The fourth of February is the birthday of the author, Russell Hoban, and every year, fans leave quotes on A4 pieces of yellow paper in random locations.

I forgot that it was supposed to be A4 yellow paper, so ended up with A5 yellow card, but never mind.

I left a quote from The Trokeville Way in a phonebox in Nottingham:

"It's got mystery, that music, it's got magic - it takes you out of the everyday sameness into a place where anything can happen."

The phonebox is near to places where people go to listen to music, to see bands, and dance.. such as Rock City. After I left the quote, I walked past the Tap 'N' Tumbler pub and it said on it,
"It's only rock 'n roll"
"..But I like it"

I've also been thinking about bridges. So far in February, I think I've crossed at least 8 bridges, but maybe some were brudges (bridges with a grudge).

Today though, I don't think I knowingly crossed any bridges. I did see a Zombee and ate English trifle and royal falooda ice-cream though.