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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Pyramids, seaside, samphire

A long weekend. Brightling, Bexhill-on-Sea, Hastings, Folkestone, and then the City.

In Brightling, I peered into John "Mad Jack" Fuller's pyramid mausoleum, stared up at the obelisk (the Brightling Needle), glanced at the tower hiding behind trees, and saw the observatory across the road.

In Bexhill-on-Sea, in the De La Warr Pavilion was an exhibition mostly of dots.

In Hastings, I gazed out at the crumpled looking pier and watched the waves, splashing on the shore. It was windy that day.

In Folkestone, I sat underneath the arches watching children build sandcastles and play in the sea. I saw remnants of triennials and bits of scattered art - the disused phonebox, the mermaid, knitted covers on bollards, signs saying women hold up half the sky. I walked across clifftops and around a Martello tower. I went on the water powered funicular, down the cliff and then back up.

That evening I cooked some samphire. I had never eaten samphire before then.

I took computers apart in between times and watched birds flying from roof to roof.

Sunday, I returned to London late in the afternoon and wandered around the City. I found two space invaders that were on my FourSquare list and then one of the trees from Time Out's Great Trees of London book - the Cheapside Plane. That evening, inspired by the delicious chocolate avocado mousse Applewriter made at nou's Croydon Fun Weekend, I made chocolate avocado vegan ice-cream in the ice cream maker deathboy gave me.

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Did you like the samphire? I've not tried it myself, but have heard it described as 'like salty flavourless asparagus', which sounds not especially appealing…

I'd probably eat it again, although it was salty. Maybe I'd find a recipe to use with it as opposed to just steaming it with. I did try it with some cheese and that worked quite well.

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