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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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February Summary

Some of the things I did in February:

I tried to dance to bird song one morning. I visited Nottingham, and celebrated Russell Hoban Day by leaving a quote from The Trokeville Way in a phonebox, and I ate English trifle and royal falooda ice-cream. I went to the Alley Cafe bar and ate a "Fred" sandwich. I learnt more Icelandic. I made chocolate avocado vegan ice-cream. I stroked an invisible cat in the Monster Supply Store, and searched for words in the Geffyre Museum. I ate a vegetarian haggis and cheese toastie one lunchtime and looked at two plague pit locations and a lewd window during other lunch breaks. I stood inside the Curve at the Barbican feeling like I was watching UFOs. (United Visual Artists: Momentum). I met a deer girl at the Museum of London. I wondered if Narnia was reachable through fluffymark's cupboard in his basement, at his birthday party. I continued to wear a Nike Fuelband and reached my goal every day for the month. In Brightling, I peered into John "Mad Jack" Fuller's pyramid mausoleum, stared up at the obelisk, glanced at the tower hiding behind trees, and saw the observatory across the road. In Hastings, I gazed out at the crumpled looking pier and watched the waves, splashing on the shore. In Folkestone, I sat underneath the arches watching children build sandcastles and play in the sea. I saw remnants of triennials and bits of scattered art - the disused phonebox, the mermaid, knitted covers on bollards, signs saying women hold up half the sky. I walked across clifftops and around a Martello tower. I went on the water powered funicular, down the cliff and then back up. I cooked samphire. I visited Ambika P3 (Elizabeth Ogilvie - Out of Ice), Bargehouse Gallery (Republic of the Moon), and the De La Warr Pavilion (Alison Turnbull, Matt Calderwood). I ate a Dairy Milk Ritz. I watched Lego at the cinema (The Lego Movie). I wandered around the City, and saw the Cheapside Plane, and the remains of a crypt used by the Carmelite Order of the White Friars. I found three invaders. I visited the Photographers' Gallery (Taking Shots: The Photography of William S. Burroughs, David Lynch: The Factory Photographs, Andy Warhol: Photographs 1976 – 1987) and listened to eerie sounds while looking at Lynch's mysterious photos. I ate crispy kale and rhubarb bakewell at the Orchard Cafe. I went to the cinema and watched a man fall in love with his operating system (Her).

Selected Tweets:

The postbox said, "what?" and I didn't know what or even why.

She runs underneath the stars for a few seconds and feels like she might start flying.

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I'm not sure I created enough in February.

You have an awesome life.

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