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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Colourful straws, glowing screens, and wandering

My mum and I wandered around the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the RCA, on Saturday, climbing stairs and looking through peepholes at features of the building, wandering through a maze of sticks and listening to stones crunch beneath our feet, gazing at the delicate lit up bamboo, and adding coloured plastic straws to a structure that many other people had added straws to. That was my favourite bit.

We visited the Pace Gallery for the James Turrell exhibition after that and watched slowing changing glowing colours.

Then we wandered for a while, past the location of Les Cousins (folk club) where my Mum used to go in the 60s, and past the police station my great grandfather worked at, and then we looked for a Banksy, but failed to find it, but I did find an Invader not on my FourSquare list and then one on my list.

We then went to the Southbank and walked along there in the sunshine and watched the skateboarders.