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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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A Thursday in Prague

The girl who was wearing the green dress ate little pink cakes with jam in for breakfast.

She wandered up a hill after that, accompanied by the boy who was wearing two watches, and they reached the Písek Gate. They stared at the faces on the outside, and the red horse inside:


The sun shone brightly and the pollen count was rising. The girl who was wearing the green dress looked for Cubist houses and then started to sneeze. The boy who was wearing two two watches took panoramic photos of the park they stood in, and they both admired the view.

They headed towards the castle and found women who had sunk into gravel:


They wandered around the grounds of the castle then, from courtyard to courtyard, admiring the surroundings, almost getting in the way of the marching guards, staring up at statues and down wells, and circling dragons.

Outside the cathedral:

St. Vitus Cathedral

The girl who was wearing the green dress, and the boy who was wearing two watches headed down to Malá Strana after that, and found Proudy by David Černý. The sculptures move and apparently spell out quotations from Czech literature with their pee.


They stared at the river and then walked over the Charles Bridge, and then, past the mermaid and past the astronomical clock, and then ate at Country Life, which was a self-serve cafeteria style vegetarian restaurant. The girl who was wearing the green dress feasted on many different dishes, but what she remembered the most was a plum dumpling with poppyseeds on.

After that, they saw one more strange attraction - the Cubist lamp-post:

Cubist Lamp-Post