Squirmelia (squirmelia) wrote,

What I did in March

These are some of the things I did in March:

Attended more Icelandic lessons and learnt how to tell the time and names for food (nammi! kaffi! kaka!) and how to talk about what I did at the weekend, and what I do for work. Met my fuelband goal every day except one. Went to the 100th Pub Standards and watched an auction of mostly t-shirts from companies such as Last.fm. Went on holiday to Prague. Rode a train up a pier in Southend-on-Sea. Visited Milton Keynes and saw the concrete cows (both sets) and the Frog clock (which I caught a bubble from and made a wish). Saw Daniel Kitson's Analog.Ue at the National Theatre. Walked from Langdon Park to Devons Road on a Tube Walk. Visited Hythe and Dymchurch and walked on the beach with my mum and ate candyfloss ice-cream. Stared at slowly moving colours at the James Turrell exhibition at the Pace Gallery. Saw a few space invaders. Walked past the police station my great grandfather worked at. Saw the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts and added coloured straws into the structure. Ate lavender ice cream. Saw Discoveries: Art, Science and Exploration from the University of Cambridge Museums, at Two Temple Place. Went to the Cartoon Museum and saw the Spitting Image exhibition with tackline. Stared up at stalactites near Victoria station. Smiled at the postbox with eyes in St Margaret's. Wandered around Alexandra Park with deathboy and Corben. Saw the Drawn Together exhibition at the Riverside Gallery, and the falling telephone boxes in Kingston. Bought a suitcase in Norbiton. Did a bus challenge and went to the Welcome to Iraq exhibition at the South London Gallery, where I ate traditional Iraqi biscuits that tasted of cardamom. Completed a circuit of the Capital Ring by walking from Grove Park to Crystal Palace. Visited High Elms. Added a few trees to Kevan's Great Trees of London FourSquare list and visited one of the Great Trees of London in Downe - a yew tree.

Selected tweets:
@squirmelia: "Are you escaping?" she asked. "You don't look prepared for the outside world. Anything could have happened out there."

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