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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Glowing Necklace

I made a glowing necklace by attempting to follow instructions in Diana Eng's Fashion Geek book:

Glowing necklace

It is made from three LEDs and a light dependent resistor, which I soldered together, and they are connected to a battery with conductive thread. So that the LEDs don't look really really bright, the light dependent resistor causes the LEDs to get dimmer when light levels are dimmer.

My necklace doesn't look quite like the picture in the book: Picture and instructions on Etsy, and a PDF with instructions from Fashion Geek.

Before I added thread around it to make it softer:

Notes about some of the things I had difficulty with:

Arranging the beads and LEDs in a pattern, while making sure the connections were right, and making the beads hang properly and not turn over while wearing them.

Getting the LEDs and the LDR to stay in the beads (solved by applying super glue).

The pointiness of the LED legs and solder. (I ended up wrapping thread around to make it softer, so that looks a bit odd.)

I didn't understand the instructions about what to do with the ribbon properly, so mine is a bit of a mess. Also, my battery holder was of a different variety, so this may have affected my understanding of the instructions here.

The instructions say, "for a more elegant look, clasp the chains together", but my chains were conductive, so that broke the circuit.

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From a jewellery engineering point of view, the reason so many necklaces with non-reversible features either hang them as pendants from the chain or attach them to a wide flat back-plate is because otherwise they tend to rotate. A back-plate, whether solid or filigree, might also add enough depth to mitigate any sharp connections (although you could learn to solder without leaving sharp tags ;-P ) especially if you're using glue to attach because it can simultaneously be used in blob form to cover any sharp tags.

I thought the ribbon in the original was a less than elegant solution anyway and could probably be better engineered. Maybe I'm too inclined to hide the craft process and the non-decorative parts of the electronics though. Perhaps it's good to show those as a badge of DIY geekdom?

Thanks for the suggestions! Hanging as a pendant would probably have worked better. While I have some knowledge of electronics, I don't have much knowledge of jewellery making, so might try to get some books from the library on how to do things.

Mine does have ribbon, which is out of shot, to hide the battery holder, and that part is a bit of a mess, as I got confused with the instructions. (Folding ribbon is obviously too complicated for me!)

Oh wow, that is amazing! I am massively impressed :D You should be incredibly pleased with yourself!

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