Squirmelia (squirmelia) wrote,

Milton Keynes

Instead of going to the seaside when I had a day off work in March, I went to Milton Keynes.

I saw the sights:

Both sets of concrete cows
Kit Williams' frog clock

and even saw a tree with a tree cosy.

The original set of concrete cows, created by Liz Leyh in 1978 now live in the Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre:

I ate tiramisu ice-cream in the shopping centre, which was probably made with milk from concrete cows.

The replica cows can be found in Bancroft:

I stroked the concrete cows in Bancroft.

Kit Williams' frog clock is also located in the Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, in Midsummer Place. On the hour, the frog blows bubbles, and tiny children (and me) catch the bubbles and make wishes.

I also saw a tree with a tree cosy:

More photos on Flickr: Milton Keynes.

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