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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in May

These are some of the things I did in May:

I wandered on many beaches and over clifftops, peered into caves and rockpools, while on holiday to Pembrokeshire, Wales. I saw guillemots (heligog!), jellyfish, sea anenomes, spring squill, thrift, bird's foot trefoil, campian, valerian. I visited two islands (St Catherine's and Caldey Island). I saw the Green Bridge of Wales. I walked down to St Govan's Chapel, counted the steps and looked for nymphs. I went inside a hut which was used for drying out seaweed in Freshwater West. I walked through old railway tunnels at Saundersfoot. I stared up at the castle in Manorbier. I walked over a drowned prehistoric forest in Amroth, ate crème brûlée ice-cream and found many beautiful sea anemones in the rock pools. I visited Tenby, Pendine Sands, Broadhaven Sands, and Skrinkle Haven. I smelt the wild garlic drifting through the air. I paddled in the sea at Barafundle Bay. I ate Merlin's Magic ice-cream (caramel with a hint of magic) at Stackpole Quay.

I visited Chepstow in Wales, and walked across to England, and then back to Wales again, and stayed the night in a hotel opposite the castle.

I met my Nike Fuelband goal every day.

I took part in Clo-May and posted pictures on LiveJournal of what I was wearing.

I listened to interesting talks about games at GameCamp.

I celebrated May Day at the Sweeps Festival in Rochester, and watched Morris dancers and listened to folk music with my mum.

I wandered on the beach in Herne Bay, and drank violet lemonade and ate strawberries on the pier.

I installed Ubuntu onto a MacBook Air.

I read S. by Doug Dorst and JJ Abrams.

I stared up at stalactites at Victoria Station.

I wandered around High Elms Country Park.

I saw tumbleweed rolling by the side of the road.

I stared at the Klein bottles, the möbius strips, the rockets, the old computers, in the Science Museum. I played with iron filings, dragging them up with a magnet, and then watching them fall. I watched bottle rockets shoot across the room. My shadow had a great time also- it got captured on the wall, got distorted at one point, and another time, had rainbows emerging from it.

I saw The Wind Rises at the cinema. (Subtitled version.)

I visited Nottingham twice and explored caves (City of Caves, and the caves at the castle (and saw chicks in the caves!) and visited the Museum of Nottingham Life briefly), and caught some trams.

I saw at least 3 rainbows, perhaps more.

I held a UX team meeting that involved cutting out design patterns from websites, including from websites in languages we did not know.

I ran from a swarm of bees to get to the office.

I made a space invader mosaic and hung it on my wall.

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How many steps did you count? I think I came up with 38 the last time I was there - am going back next month to have another go.

I think I counted 75 steps.

When did you last go there? The AA guide to the coast said there were a wildly different number to what I counted also, so I suspect pirates or sea nymphs have added more steps since it was published.

Did you like the City of Caves? We keep talking about visiting it on our annual trip to Nottingham, but never get around to it.

I did like the City of Caves - much better than the castle! It had good juxtapositions of bits of old road and old dwellings and such.

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