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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in June

Some of the things I did in June:

I completed five Flâneurs June Challenges:

I followed the River Crane, for Flâneurs June Challenge II(c) and climbed the Shot Tower.
I caught 12 buses for Flâneurs June Challenge I(c).
I took the first left, then first right, from the centre of London, for Flâneurs June Challenge III(d) and ended up seeing a naked bike ride.
I did a beer glass walk around Shoreditch, for Flâneurs June Challenge II(d) and saw great street art, and then saw photos of the London Underground in the 1980s by Bob Mazzer at the Howard Griffin Gallery.
I took the long way home, for Flâneurs June Challenge III(a), and went to a V&A Museum late, and made a souvenir out of rubbish.

I went on a Mundane Journey in Acton, for an SF0 task. (And then spiralsheep went on a mundane journey based on this!)

I created generative art using Processing, for the Creative Coding MOOC, run by Monash University, on FutureLearn.

I ate haggis and black pepper flavoured crisps, a romanesco cauliflower, ice-cream mochi.

I walked across cliff tops from Budleigh Salterton to Sandy Bay, and saw many butterflies and cocoons, swam at Devon Cliffs swimming pool, and then walked across the cliffs from Sandy Bay to Exmouth.

I went to a demo party (Sundown), saw my name flash past on a Spectrum demo (thanks for the greets Gasman!), saw an Amiga DJ set, ASCII art, demos, danced next to pretty patterns, and went to a beach party at night.

I ate jaffa cake ice-cream, maple and pecan ice-cream, rhubarb crumble ice-cream, while in Devon, and drank sloe and elderflower cider.

I put my hands in water and listened to stories at the Museum of Water, at Somerset House, and I stared into a Roman Bath.

I wandered in a grotto of glistening stones, at Pope's Grotto in Twickenham.

I saw photos of Soho in the 1960s by John Deakin at the Photographers' Gallery. I ate amaretto ice-cream in Soho after that.

I caught up with old friends at abigailb's party, and it was great to see them.

I made vegan pumpkin pie ice-cream (recipe from PPK) and vegan coconut ice-cream.

I met my Nike fuelband goal every day.

nou and I organised a meeting of Computer Anonymous (not really West London).

In summary: I ate a lot of ice-cream, but also did quite a lot of walking.