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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in July

Some of the things I did in July 2014:

I started playing Ingress, reached level 6, visited 338 unique portals, and captured 119 unique portals.

I met my Nike fuelband goal every day.

I created more generative art using Processing, for the Creative Coding MOOC, run by Monash University on FutureLearn.

I went to Nottingham, but only for a day, and went on a tram.

A Thursday night: a picnic in Bloomsbury Gardens with my old classmates from UCL from my MSc in Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics.

I became a member of the London Hackspace, so that I could help to fund the hire of a bouncy castle for EMFCamp.

I looked for angles, reflections and the colour red during a photo walk around Victoria, organised by the Victoria BID.

I wandered around Kingston-upon-Thames, past the row of phone boxes that has toppled like dominos.

I watched a boy growing up and what was happening in his life, at the cinema. (Boyhood by Richard Linklater.)

I walked from Leyton to Leytonstone, on a tube walk, and ate irn bru ice-cream.

I time travelled to the 1955 in Back to the Future and drank a milkshake at Lou's Cafe in Hill Valley, with deathboy and
Corben. (I didn't go to Secret Cinema though, as it was cancelled.)

In Margate, I looked at old fairground rides in the Dreamland expo, as well as a pinball parlour. "The dreams I dream for you to see are over there in reality."

I saw the Mondrian and colour exhibition at the Turner Contemporary.

I swam in the sea.

I ate yuzu ice-cream mochi.

tackline and I ran through the rain and jumped over puddles in Crouch End and then saw comedy acts: Vikki Stone and Ellie Taylor.

I visited the following Great Trees of London:
The hundred year old Ravenscourt Plane tree.
The Tree of Heaven, in Ravenscourt Park.
The Hardy Tree.

I ate green grass nitro ice cream.

I bought new shoes at the Third Estate.

I drank a Secret Garden.

I wandered around Battersea Park.

I watched people through a one way mirror.

I waited at a bus stop made of Lego.

I saw my aunt and uncle, who were visiting from New Zealand.

I visited Eynsford - the castle, the ford, the viaduct, the fields, the woods.

I ate ice-cream in a thunderstorm.

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Green grass ice cream! Was it like being a cow?

I expected it to taste the way wheatgrass smoothies smell but actually it tasted a bit minty and was nice, not really that grassy.

Aw, sorry you were one of the people affected by the Secret Cinema mess-up. Did you get refunded or are you going to a later showing?

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