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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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NaArMaMo - More pictures

More things I created during NaArMaMo:


I drew the wall and the eye, but wasn't sure what the eye was looking at, until I found some beech seed pods, and they were the alien beings I was looking for.

I went to a clay modelling session at Loncon 3 and made this face:


Here's a version with altered colours:


Unfortunately it got a bit squashed on the way home, so I then turned it into this:


I did two pencil rubbings and here they are together:

A Smellie

Creature drawn by computer (playing with more Processing), eyes taken from my toaster person and added by me:


I attempted an origami mushroom, but the instructions were in German, and couldn't quite understand the last few. Oh well! It looks mushroomy anyway. Next time I'll try to follow English instructions or at least translate them into English and not just try to continue regardless.


A face I drew and stuck some furry material on for hair:

Furry hair

A creature I made from the furry material:

Furry creature

I tried out other variations of the random walk.. first I tried with paint and it ended up rather splodgy, then I tried with circles of card I cut out, but the best thing I have found so far to use are stickers.

I rolled a die, and where I stuck the sticker was determined by the number on the die:
1 - I stuck a red sticker to the right
2 - I stuck a green sticker to the left
3 - I stuck a yellow sticker down.
4 - I stuck a blue sticker up.


A photo of a mysterious creature on the dancefloor at EMFCamp: