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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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BarCamp London X

Had a wonderful time at BarCamp London X. "A free-to-attend weekend unconference for designers, developers and geeks of all types at Microsoft's offices in Victoria, London."

I learnt about Scala, puppies, search engines, the future, sequencing your genes, the Novikov self-consistency principle, augmented reality, quantum physics, passwords, philosophy of AI, writing on the road, UI archeology, art and mathematics, synthesizers, Haskell, how to design things to make sense, and probably other things too! I also played a card game about being a band on tour, and spoke to many interesting people, and ended up wearing a pirate hat and an inflatable parrot on my shoulder and didn't want to go home.

10 things I learned from my puppy
Anatomy of a search engine
FutureLearn and the web we want
Personal genetics
How do Haskell
(Took a break from BarCamp and went to see Douglas Coupland at the Whitechapel Art Gallery)
The future! How we'll live forever (or die trying)
Introduction to Scala

Synthesizers 101
Are art and mathematics actually secretly the same thing?
Quantum physics
UI Archaeology
Writing on the road
How to design things that make sense
Password alternatives from a UX point of view
Lightning talks
Augmented reality

The grid