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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in October 2014

I photographed crumbling amusement arcades and overgrown rollercoasters that were once part of Dreamland.

I stroked a meteorite.

I saw a long ago demolished pier through a telescope in Folkestone.

I took a boat to Greenwich, wandered around Greenwich Park, ate a vegan pumpkin and chocolate chip cupcake (purchased in the market) and saw one of the great trees of London: a spanish sweet chestnut.

I stared at fans in the Fan Museum, and smiled when I saw the more modern kind of fan there also.

I looked at photos of space in the Astronomy photographer of the year exhibition at the Royal Observatory.

nou and I organised a meet up of Computer Anonymous: London group.

In Richmond Park, I hid inside trees, photographed purple fungi (jelly drops), visited the Royal Oak, wandered past rutting deer and underneath loudly chirping parakeets, walked through the bracken, and stroked the silk inside a chestnut shell.

I went to antipodienne's birthday party and played with balloons.

I cut out pictures from magazines to help create personas at a co-design workshop.

I wore five different disguises at work in one day.

I ate jackfruit, I think for the first time.

I paddled in the sea in Folkestone.

I went to birthday drinks for hoshuteki and verlaine at the White Hart pub.

I went on two funicular railways - the Folkestone Leas Lift and the Millennium Inclinator in London.

I saw a building trying to float away in Covent Garden. (Alex Chinneck's Take my lightning, but don't steal my thunder.)

I ate at two vegetarian restaurants: Food for Thought in London, and Beanos in Folkestone.

I saw the Designers in Residence: Disruption exhibition at the Design Museum, during a work trip.

I walked from Manor House to Turnpike Lane on a tube walk.

I played Goat Simulator with Corben and ended up controlling an evil angel penguin.

I saw Banksy's street art in Folkestone.

I visited the Turner Contemporary in Margate and saw Jeremy Deller's English Magic exhibition.

I walked on the beach at: Littlestone, Dymchurch, Margate, Folkestone, and Dungeness.

I attempted to read the words on Derek Jarman's Prospect Cottage.

I photographed beautiful lichen and windswept huts at Dungeness and wandered over the shingle.

I saw many artworks during the Folkestone Triennial, went on a lift attached to a viaduct, walked on the platform at a disused railway station, looked at words written on a lighthouse through a telescope, climbed up into a bamboo sculpture, looked at strange beach huts and visited the luckiest place on Earth.