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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Saturday - Melting house, ice-cream, art, chocolate

I woke up excited and ready to get out of bed on Saturday morning, as I had decided to and go and see the melting house - Alex Chinneck's ‘A pound of flesh for 50p’. The bricks were made from wax and have slowly melted since the house was erected.

I visited Gelateria 3Bis after that and ate fig & mascarpone and Eton mess ice-cream. They were delicious. I wandered around Borough Market, and then walked to Carroll/Fletcher project space and saw the Unoriginal Genius exhibition. One exhibit was a print out of a person's sleep cycles using a sleep cycle app on their phone. Another exhibit was a strange machine that was made from educational images that had been found. Another exhibit was Yung Jake's E.m-bed.de/d/.

I ate even more ice-cream after that - papaya flavour from Snowflake, and then I walked to supposedly the narrowest street in London – Brydges Place. As I was about to go down it, I saw a policeman walking up it, so waited for a bit, as it is only wide enough for one person to walk down, and that added to the atmosphere.

I then remembered I had a novel to write and in Caffè Nero, I sipped a mocha and started writing again, and a man with tentacles tattooed onto his neck sat down next to me. They were just peeking out of his shirt. I wrote quite a few words.

I then visited Cybercandy and marvelled at the range of chocolate - blueberry pancake stack flavour, peach and noodles flavour, fish finger and custard flavour, and others: Cybercandy exclusives. I bought a bar of the vanilla cake (cucumber and vanilla flavoured white chocolate), which is a green colour. I have not tried any yet though.

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Brydges Place reminds me of Cheshire Cheese Entry in Worcester, although that's slightly wider:


I'm also now thinking about the smallest window (in Hull): https://www.flickr.com/photos/squirmelia/2381523012/

And also the smallest park (in Burntwood).

Any other smallest in the country attractions you know of?

The only "smallest" attraction I remember visiting at all is The Theatre of Small Convenience, a converted public lavatory and now puppet theatre that gets a recommendation from me (and my friends' kids!).

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