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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in December 2014

Snow fell in the Olympic Park and tackline and I stood at the top of the UK's tallest sculpture, the tangly red ArcelorMittal Orbit, staring out at the view. We walked down eventually, down the spiral staircase, listening to the found sounds of construction work, bells ringing and horses clip-clopping.

In the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, I peered into a tank of water at a laptop, listened to the whirring of hard drives, and stared at the blackest black.

I glanced at the moon in the Art First gallery.

I listened to Daniel Kitson telling a story about Christmas, a sad story, that was funny at times.

I reminisced, remembered, chatted and laughed at the Monochrome BBS meet at the Coronet.

I saw the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition at the ICA.

I stared at cables and telephones and old computers in the Information Age exhibition at the Science Museum.

I wrote a pirate hat to work and drunk cold brew coffee. I also ate Harry Potter jellybeans with flavours such as earthworm (or maybe it was dirt), earwax, and booger.

I stayed in a hotel in Nottingham for a night and then did usability testing in Ollerton.

I wrote some Python to update my Twitter bot that posts entries from my diaries from decades ago onto Twitter.

I learnt how to print things in 3D at the London Hackspace.

I went to the Mirrorcity exhibition at the Hayward Gallery with obandsoller.

I went to doseybat’s birthday party

I sung carols and ate nut roast at Bleak Christmas.

I stared out at the sea from a flat in Broadstairs, where I stayed for Christmas with my mum.

I walked from Broadstairs to Ramsgate and watched the waves splash up over the sides, and then ate a hot fudge ice-cream sundae in Ramsgate.

I constructed two marble runs, which were gifts from deathboy and my brother and sister-in-law.

I visited From the Belly of My Toes to the Knees by Alex Chinneck.

I watched a video of people jumping on the bouncy Stonehenge at the Turner Gallery.

On Christmas Day, my mum, brother, sister-in-law and I had drinks in the Charles Dickens pub in Broadstairs.

I walked on the beach at Stone Bay and collected stones that looked like fossils.

I saw the viking ship Hugin.

I ran through the sleet and hid in a bird hide at Pegwell Bay Country Park.

I returned to London and saw a beautiful sunset in Twickenham.

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I'm glad that you enjoyed the marble machine :) :) x

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