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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What did you do in 2014?

1. What did you do in 2014 that you'd never done before?

I went to a demo party (Sundown), saw my name flash past on a Spectrum demo, saw an Amiga DJ set, ASCII art, demos, danced next to pretty patterns, and went to a beach party at night.

I went on holiday to Prague.

I tried to dance to bird song one morning. I visited Nottingham, and celebrated Russell Hoban Day by leaving a quote from The Trokeville Way in a phonebox, I stood inside the Curve at the Barbican feeling like I was watching UFOs. I met a deer girl at the Museum of London.

I caught a glimpse of the Holly Man by the Thames. I went to the Kirkaldy Testing Museum and used a parachute testing machine. I wandered around Little Sanctuary and stroked a traffic light which wore a knitted cover. I stared at the reflection of the moon in a puddle and then could not resist jumping in the puddle, jumping on the moon.

I made chocolate avocado vegan ice-cream. I saw Ben Wilson in action, painting chewing gum. I ate pierogi in a Polish restaurant where spies met.

I went to Brighton for a work event and did a group project that involved pitching on the beach, creating personas based on Lego minifigs, and writing on lots of cards.

I rode a train up a pier in Southend-on-Sea. I ate traditional Iraqi biscuits that tasted of cardamom, at an art exhibition.

I completed a circuit of the Capital Ring by walking from Grove Park to Crystal Palace.

I planted apple trees and chased butterflies, amongst the falling blossom, while playing Animal Crossing. I played Ingress.

I sipped hot chocolate in the Chocolate Museum in Brixton.

I visited Chepstow in Wales, and walked across to England, and then back to Wales again, and stayed the night in a hotel opposite the castle.

I ran from a swarm of bees to get to the office.

I made a space invader mosaic and hung it on my wall. I made a necklace glow.

I wandered on many beaches and over clifftops, peered into caves and rockpools, while on holiday to Pembrokeshire, Wales. I saw guillemots (heligog!), jellyfish, sea anenomes, spring squill, thrift, bird's foot trefoil, campian, valerian. I visited two islands (St Catherine's and Caldey Island). I saw the Green Bridge of Wales. I walked down to St Govan's Chapel, counted the steps and looked for nymphs. I went inside a hut which was used for drying out seaweed in Freshwater West. I walked through old railway tunnels at Saundersfoot. I stared up at the castle in Manorbier. I walked over a drowned prehistoric forest in Amroth, ate crème brûlée ice-cream and found many beautiful sea anemones in the rock pools. I visited Tenby, Pendine Sands, Broadhaven Sands, and Skrinkle Haven. I smelt the wild garlic drifting through the air. I paddled in the sea at Barafundle Bay.

I camped in a field in Bletchley for EMFCamp ("a UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers.") and listened to interesting talks and attended a glitch art workshop and made some glitch art.

I saw the site of the world's first cash machine.

I wandered in a grotto of glistening stones, at Pope's Grotto in Twickenham.

I went to BarCamp London X at Microsoft's office and learnt about Scala, puppies, search engines, the future, sequencing your genes, the Novikov self-consistency principle, augmented reality, quantum physics, passwords, philosophy of AI, writing on the road, UI archeology, art and mathematics, synthesizers, Haskell, how to design things to make sense, and probably other things too.

I admired the great views from the Cheesegrater, looked at some Roman baths, enjoyed art in the offices of a law firm, saw a space trumpet, was given a tour of 240 Blackfriars by an architect, wandered around a half completed station with escalators in wooden boxes, went inside a very small house, visited an arts venue in former public toilets.

At one point I was made of drawers. I bounced lasers as if they were balls. I wrote a tweets and saw it appear on a skirt. I bought a jodi.org keyring. I walked around a laser forest.

I time travelled to 1955 for Secret Cinema's showing of Back to the Future and visited Hill Valley.

I made a grid of the approximate colours of doors to where I've lived, imagined what my toaster would be like if it was a person, went on a Mundane Journey in Acton, created generative art using processing for a Creative Coding MOOC.

I learnt Icelandic, waited at a bus stop made from Lego, ate jackfruit, samphire and a tamarillo.

I wrote my 8th novel of at least 50,000 words in the month of November for NaNoWriMo, ate a slice of the world's largest cake sculpture, became a member of the London Hackspace,

I participated in a performance of A Folded Path and walked around around Bristol, holding a wooden box that made sounds, helping to create a symphony, a soundtrack for the city.

I ate strawberries and drunk violet lemonade at the end of a pier, made a piece of art for every day in August for the third year running, stood at the top of the UK's tallest sculpture, walked down the narrowest street in London, ate salt made from tears of laughter, went on a tram walk.

I wore a smart watch and made it display on the screen “Hello, world!”, drunk cold brew coffee, learnt to crochet, ate packing chips, ate kimchi, saw a building trying to float away, saw a building that was melting, saw the blackest black.

I ate traditional Iraqi cookies, visited a museum of fans, saw the concrete cows of Milton Keynes, ate earwax and booger jellybeans, ate green grass nitro ice-cream, went to the world science fiction convention, wandered in caves underneath Nottingham, saw a cubist lamp post, caught a bubble blown by the frog clock and made a wish, made Japanese style pickles, stared at fans in the Fan Museum, stroked the silk inside a chestnut shell, wore five different disguises at work in one day.

I went on a lift attached to a viaduct, walked on the platform at a disused railway station in Folkestone, looked at words written on a lighthouse through a telescope, visited the luckiest place on Earth.

Summary of summaries of 2014:


Summaries for 2014:

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Tube walks, Capital Ring, trees, etc
Art exhibitions and Museums