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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Things I might like to do in London in 2015

1. Try to escape from a locked room. (HintHunt and similar.)
2. Go on a tour of public toilets in London. (Loo Tours).
3. Stare at sculptures made out of Lego.(Art of the Brick).
4. Look at interesting fungi on a fungi foray.
5. Listen to bats on a bat walk.
6. Visit some of the Great Trees of London. (I have 2 Central, 2 West, 9 East, 4 North, 9 South left to see.)
7. Stare up at the books on the ceiling of Leadenhall Market.
8. Visit Ernö Goldfinger's modernist home - 2 Willow Road.
9. Have fun in Croydon (nou's Croydon Fun Weekend).
10. Visit places not normally open to the public (Open House Weekend).
11. Walk from one tube station to another (on Tube Walks).
12. Get on the first bus that comes along, and then the next, and so on. (Flâneurs Challenge.)
13. Eat vegan sushi at Itadaki Zen.
14. Eat unusual vegetarian food at Vanilla Black.
15. Eat at self-service vegetarian restaurant Ethos.
16. Go to Richmond MakerLabs in Ham.
17. Learn to pick locks at the London Hackspace.
18. Go on the London Eye.
19. Visit the Museum of Brands and Packaging.
20. Visit the London Museum of Water & Steam.
21. Take photos at a Flickr meet.
22. Hide inside the bunker at the Churchill War Rooms.
23. Drink cocktails in the Heron Tower and stare out over London.
24. Eat a Bánh mì.
25. Listen to technology related talks at OpenTech.
26. Explore the hidden tropical oasis at the Barbican.
27. Stare at the replica sewer lamp on Carting Lane.
28. Try not to be scared of the Old Kent Road Hellraiser bus stop.
29. Look down through the glass floor at Tower Bridge.
30. Walk down the other contender for narrowest street, Emerald Court.
31. Wander around the top of the Walkie-talkie, in the Skygarden.
32. Find the Seven Noses of Soho and be wealthy for evermore.
33. Listen to people talk at a Quantified Self meet up.
34. Travel by amphibious vehicle. (Duck tour.)
35. See people flying and a bridge that lights up when you walk over it. (Canary Wharf Winter Lights.)
36. Play a game in one of the video game bars.
37. Explore the foreshore.
38. Visit Severndroog Castle.

Is there anything you would recommend I do in London in 2015? What are you thinking of doing?

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13. Sounds yummy! I love Japanese pickled vegetables.

14. Ooo that looks fabulous!

23. I'd prioritise the glass lift, which I haven't ridden in yet, and maybe breakfast at Duck and Waffle.

34. In October I was standing on a slipway down to the Thames and had to move so a duck could bellyflop into the river.

23, ooh, a glass lift sounds good. Maybe I need to add Tower 42 to my list as well, as that is another tall building I haven't been up in London, although it tends to get booked up quickly on Open House Weekend.

I am now imagining sea tractors crossing the Thames as well as ducks.

Maybe I should add "explore the Thames foreshore" to my list, as I just started looking up Thames foreshore walks. (Such as http://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2011/02/20/a-trip-with-the-archaeologists-on-the-river-thames/). Hmm.

I've seen boat-spotters on Primrose Pier. There are still a surprising number of working boats on the Thames. I've even seen ocean-going ships being loaded at the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery.

I can never resist any opportunity to be toe-to-toe with the Thames, on the foreshore. As long as one avoids slippery steps and deep mud, keeps an eye on the tide, and doesn't mudlark in archaeologically protected zones (there are one or two licensed mudlarks who sometimes take individuals onto the foreshore), it's endless fun and can provide some great angles for photography. Do wash your hands after beachcombing or even touching sometimes submerged handrails though.

Vanilla Black is good. The chef seems to be obsessed with desserts, doing dessert-like things in every course (like Brie Ice Cream and Poached Blackberries for a starter). They are also excellent and at doing desserts and would reccomend both leaving space for a dessert, and having things as starters/mains that look like desserts.

Dessert-like things for every course sounds good to me. :)

OOh I must see the Lego thing before it ends...I have bad habit of reading about things and then never getting round to doing them.

I am really looking forward to Croydon Fun Weekend, huzzah!

In 2015 I am determined to get to Berlin. Really should start researching where to stay etc.

Luckily they extended the Lego exhibition to April!

Hope you make it to Berlin and have fun there. :)

After a v quiet 2014, I want to be more social/explore more again this year. I had some of your list on my list!

6. One of the things on my list was the Totteridge Yew, but now I'm extending it to other Great Trees (I can't find a definitive list without having to buy the book, do you have one?)

8. That's near me so we could meet for a walk around Hampstead? There's a ticket that gets you into Fenton House as well (which I haven't been to)

9. I'm hoping to get to it this year! Probably Saturday.

12. I've never done this as part of that challenge, but I've done it often, and I want to do it again this year.

19. On my list too!

20. Is that Kew Bridge Steam Museum?

21. I didn't go to one at all last year. Want to change that.

26. I've still never been there.

I can't remember all of my list at the moment, but visiting Severndroog Castle, Wimbledon Windmill and Culpeper Gardens are all on there.

6. kevandotorg and I made a list of the trees on FourSquare, which should help with the locations. I can send you the list from the book though also, if you like. There are quite a few plane trees in central London on the list that I did not find very interesting, and I think without the descriptions from the book, are even less worth bothering with. The Totteridge Yew is great though!

8. Meeting for a walk in Hampstead sometime sounds good, perhaps when the weather has improved a bit.

9. Excellent! Hopefully see you in Croydon then.

20. Ah, apparently the Kew Bridge Steam Museum changed named last year to be the London Museum of Water & Steam.

21. I also failed to make it to any Flickr meets last year.

Ooh, I didn't realise Severndroog was now open to the public again. I walked past it while doing the Capital Ring walk the year before last, but it wasn't open then. I shall add it to my list!

Trees list, yes please! Also if you email it to me, it makes it easier to make any plans to meet up :)

I forgot to link to the list on FourSquare - sorry! You don't need to be on FourSquare to see it: https://foursquare.com/kevan/list/the-great-trees-of-london

I'll email the other list to you also.

17 sounds like fun. I mean, it's a useful skill for a novelist, isn't it?


Time Out reported the Hellraiser bus stop appears to no longer be sporting a copy of Hellraiser.

Look into Gingerline.

Churchill War Rooms and the Canary Wharf winter lights have been visited.

Climb a tree. (At Alexandra Palace.)

Swim in Hampstead ponds.

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