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Flapping wings when it's fine and warm

On Saturday, at Canary Wharf, I flapped my wings, my digitally generated wings that appeared behind me in white pixels. I stared at glowing dresses and a glowing deer in the park. I looked into the water and saw a glowing hole that looked like it went down really really far. I watched as deathboy was turned into a creepy bat creature who had his face, flying around a sphere. I touched a wall of lights that went on when I got near to each one. I walked over a bridge, lit up with pink and blue, and smoking as I walked over it.


Today, I walked past the pelicans in St James's Park and then went to the Churchill War Rooms.

I wandered around the bunker where Churchill and the cabinet worked from, and looked at old telephones and signs that said "Fine & Warm" and an Enigma machine.

I visited St Martin-in-the-Fields after that, and looked around the crypt and saw the statue of Henry Croft, the original pearly king.

The National Portrait Gallery was near by, so I wandered around there and looked at the Grayson Perry exhibition, Who Are You?

Churchill War Rooms

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