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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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SFZero task: Digital -> Analogue

Last August, using Processing, I wrote some scripts to generate random walks and these were some of the outputs:

Random walk variations

I then decided I wanted to draw my own patterns by hand, and attempted to use coloured pens and tossing coins to decide what direction and colour to draw in.

If it was heads + heads, I drew a red line going right.
If it was tails + tails, I drew a green line going left.
If it was heads + tails, I drew a blue line going up.
If it was tails + heads, I drew an orange line going down.


The colours blended into each other too much, so then I tried with paint and it ended up rather splodgy. I tried with circles of card I cut out after that, but that did not work well either, and I quickly tired of cutting out circles.

Then I found some coloured stickers, which I have only recently finished sticking! I got through three packets (1200 stickers per packet), but have many yellow stickers left over, as there was a disproportionately large number of them.

I rolled a die, and where I stuck the sticker was determined by the number on the die:
1 - I stuck a red sticker to the right.
2 - I stuck a green sticker to the left.
3 - I stuck a yellow sticker down.
4 - I stuck a blue sticker up.

Red, green, yellow, blue

The first version is by the computer and the second version by me.

Computer is better than I am at placing circles in straight lines and no circles fell off in the computer version. I must have rolled dice at least a few thousand times and stuck a few thousand stickers, even if it does not look like many!

(Originally posted on: SF0 - Digital - Analogue).