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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Saturday - Bouncing in a gallery, probing aliens, perpetual insomnia

False Ceiling

I woke up excited, and then in Dalston, bounced, bounced, in an art gallery, while I looked at marble dolphins. ("If you have got the feeling, jump across the ceiling.")

At Leadenhall Market, I stared up and saw books floating above me.

I looked at pictures of business men and words, such as "Your life is a perpetual insomnia", in an exhibition of Barbara Kruger's early work.

I saw A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense.

I ate dulce de leche ice-cream from an Argentinian ice-cream parlour, and it was delicious.

I heard some drumming soon after that and watched dragons dancing, celebrating Chinese New Year.

I walked to Holborn to see Tim Hunkin's Novelty Automaton. I probed an alien (and it probed me), I went on a mini-break, I saw the eclipse, and my library card was declared to be art!

I then saw a woman trying to find a suitcase of money from the film Fargo, using maps she had sewn herself, in the Japanese film, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter.