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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Buses, porridge and street art

I was not sure what to do on Saturday, so decided that getting on the first bus that came along would be a good option.

I went to the bus stop opposite Westminster Cathedral, and got on the 11 to Ludgate Circus. As I was getting on the bus, many people got off when they realised that the bus was being diverted.

An announcement, "this bus is on diversion." The sign on the bus says "*".

"Lovely day for going around London," the person who sat in front of me said.

The bus crosses the river and I see the London Eye.

I then see a deflated "Get well" balloon in a tree, which makes me feel sad.

The bus goes past some wigwams, and then past County Hall and the London Eye peeks over the top of the buildings, by Forum Magnum Square.

We are stuck in traffic and I see a soft green M&M toy in the back of someone's car.

We pass Leake Street and I think about how on the Sunday, there is going to be a take over of the tunnel by street artists who are women.

The bus passes the Thirsty Bear pub and the Mad Hatter, and then goes back over the river again, on Blackfriars Bridge, and I can see the dazzle ship, the walkie talkie, the cheesegrater, and St Paul's.

The bus terminates then.

Stops: Westminster Cathedral - Westminster City Hall - Marsham Street - Lambeth Palace - Waterloo Station, York Road - Ludgate Hill, Old Bailey

I then get on the next bus that comes along, which is the 23 to Liverpool Street.

We pass St Paul's Cathedral and then past Bank station, and the Gherkin and the Cheesegrater appear before me, and then the bus passes a giant wing. Up Sun Street Passage, and then the bus terminates at Liverpool Street Station.

Stops: Ludgate Hill, Old Bailey - St Paul's Cathedral - Bank Station / Queen Victoria Street - Bank Station / Threadneedle Street - Great Winchester Street - Liverpool Street Station.

No buses pick up exactly where the 23 terminated, and it is a beautifully sunny day, so I decide then to give up on the buses for now, and look at a map, and realise the Porridge Cafe is not that far away, so I decide to walk there. "London's first porridge cafe."

I eat a rather expensive bowl of porridge, that has white chocolate, cherries and almonds on it, and then wander for a while and look at the street art:


Don't feel lonely

You have everything you need



Well that escalated quickly

I liked that the art was telling me not to feel lonely and that I have everything I need.