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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Iceland: South Shore Adventure - Part 2

The girl with only one glove (she lost the other in Vík) went inside the folk museum and listened to the guide at first, who explained that when she was young, if she looked like she might be a bit pale or getting ill, her grandmother would ask if she had been eating too much fresh food. In her grandmother's time, fresh food was scarce and as they were not used to it, could make them feel ill if they did eat it.

The girl with only one glove looked at the objects in the museum - the inscriptions on the bed boards, the old bottles from Hull, and then she went outside and into the turf houses. These were small wooden houses that had roofs with turf over them.

Turf houses

She then briefly looked around the transport museum, at snowmobiles and old telephone switchboards.

The coach tour continued and she saw a waterfall running sideways, and mountains, beautiful snow covered mountains (or were they volcanoes?), and pylons amongst snow.


The coach stopped and she got off the coach, along with the other tourists, and stood next to a field, looking for the glacier - Eyjafjallajökull, and the volcano that erupted just a few years ago.

Back on the coach and then it was time to stop at Seljalandsfoss.


She followed a slippery path that took her behind the waterfall and there was a rainbow waiting for her there, which she walked through.

She had very much enjoyed her first full day in Iceland and found it all amazing and wondrous.

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I like this story. Please continue. :)

Was the old guy still at the Folk Museum? He's semi-retired from doing the tours nowadays but comes out to play music occasionally (or at least did in 2012).

I don't remember him being there. A woman gave us a tour and alas, there was no music!

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