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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Looking for lost things

I visited five locations today that were marked on a map, looking for things that had been lost. (The map was related to the Silverpoint game, but I don't think anything else was.)

1. At Dalston Junction, there was a sign about a missing cat named Tiger.

2. At Dalston Kingsland, next to the station as a closed down branch of Peacocks, with a sign saying demolition was taking place.

I wandered around Dalston and saw records tied to railings:


I saw a cafe called Skylarking and a restaurant called White Rabbit.

I also saw a plantain parlour, and a venue called the Vortex.

3. At Essex Road, I saw street art by Banksy, which had sadly been defaced.

Essex Road Banksy

4. At Caledonian Road, I ate a Magnum Black Espresso ice-cream, and then saw a plaque saying "A large ice well was built here in 1862 by Carlo Gatti to hold 1500 tons of Norwegian ice".

A piece of paper about a shark teeth grinder blew along the pavement and landed at my feet:

Magnetic No. 1

5. At Manor House, I saw an abandoned mattress near to the station, and then wandered in Finsbury Park and read that there used to be a miniature English country village there next to the lake.

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Ooo... fascinating. I was considering following a railway that never existed for the flaneurs June Challenge this year.

A railway that never existed sounds like a good plan for the June Challenge. :)

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