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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in April 2015


Tortoiseshell and peacock butterflies fluttered past, and in the wood, the bluebells were starting to bloom and there were many wood anemones and dog violets.

I went to the London Hackspace and learnt to pick locks (for sport).

I used a 3D printer and made a stickmen necklace.

Life turned into a game! I played Silverpoint, which was at first a pattern matching game, but then became an alternate reality game. I searched for Chloe, uncovered more of the story by playing the game, received phone calls and emails, visited a creepy hairdresser, looked for what was lost, and then at the finale, was led by a hooded figure through the darkness.

I visited Nottingham twice.

I wandered on the beach at Folkestone in Kent and walked by Mermaid beach and then to Sandgate.

I went on a tube walk from Morden to South Wimbledon, and drank rose lemonade.

I ate a níspero for the first time, which is an orange coloured fruit, also known as a loquat.

I saw Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck at the cinema, which made me feel sad.

I gave messy_hair_girl a tour of where to see aliens around Victoria.

I went to the_elyan's birthday celebration at the Shakespeare's Head. I drank a coffee berry and hibiscus soda at the Pembury to welcome abigailb back to the UK. At both places, it was great to catch up with various friends.

I saw photographs of Russian families in the 1980s, and of a skyscraper in South Africa, at the Photographers' Gallery.

I went to the Whitechapel Gallery and looked at photos of white rectangles in their natural habitats. It reminded me of the badges that they wear in the Invisibles.

I stared at Lego sculptures at the Art of the Brick exhibition and made a strange looking tree out of Lego.

I went to look for elves in a street on the Peabody Estate named "Elf Row". I wandered towards the river after that and sat in the park, and stared across at the skyscrapers at Canary Wharf.

I visited the Marylebone Elm, a Huntingdon elm tree on Marylebone High Street. It was tall and leafy.

I headed to Barking to play on The Idol, a giant robot like structure with things to climb on, and through, and spin on. There was also a scary slide that was quite vertical, and a ballpit, which even had levitating balls!

I did a short walk and then passed the last instruction to spiralsheep, who then did a short walk and then passed their last instruction to nanila, who will then pass their last instruction to someone else, and so on.