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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Bank holiday weekend

Jack in the green:
Jack in the green

My mum and I watched the procession at the Sweeps Festival in Rochester, to celebrate May Day. Chimney sweeps walked past, followed by the Jack in the green, and then morris dancers. We wandered up to the castle and many bubbles floated by.
I ate food at an Ethiopian restaurant to celebrate augeas' birthday, and then visited a goth club - Dead & Buried, which was apparently playing deathrock, old school goth, post punk, electropunk, new wave, cold wave, etc. I danced until 3AM that night.
On Sunday, I wandered through woods carpeted with bluebells at King's Wood in Kent, and got a little lost amongst the trees. The bluebells were wonderful.
A while ago, I found an URL scribbled in my father's diary, and downloaded Dear Esther. I wandered over cliff tops and looked down at the sea. I looked up at pretty stalactites as I walked through caves. I stared at paper boats floating on the sea.