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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in May 2015

Newport Sands

I visited Pembrokeshire in Wales, walked across the vast sandy beaches, peered into rock pools at sea anemones, wandered amongst petrified forests, stood inside a magical leafy cave with ferns growing over it, paddled in the Irish Sea, wandered across bluebell covered cliffs, peered into the Witches' Cauldron, saw seals and puffins, went on a boat trip, learnt to write my name in Ogham, saw neolithic dolmen, walked around Britain's smallest city, explored the remains of stone cottages, peered into the Blue Lagoon, and saw a yew tree bleeding.

I attended an Art Hackathon with the theme of trickery, and helped create the Museum of Lies, which won the People's Choice Award.

I ate food at an Ethiopian restaurant to celebrate augeas' birthday, and then danced until 3AM at Dead & Buried.

I attended the Boring Conference with talks on subjects such as the BT Tower, mountweazels, lifts, gasometers, museum text panels, love poetry, good bad films, diaries, the Stratford centre, rude words, the Casio F91W watch, wheelbarrows, camping on roundabouts, the Barbican, an audience wide game of Guess Who, a British earthquake scale, transgressions, and a person writing invoices.

I played Cyclepong with tackline at Novelty Automation. I lost two games, but I did win the Nobel Prize for discovering quantum triviality!

I attempted playing a game of snake with fountains. (Granary Squirt).

I visited the London Museum of Water and Steam and looked at old engines, crawled through a pipe, and went for a ride on a little train. I visited Brewer Street car park and watched patterns.

I ate amazing food at Vanilla Black with obandsoller. Espresso macaron with whipped blue cheese, mmm!

I watched the procession at the Sweeps Festival in Rochester, with my mum, to celebrate May Day. Chimney sweeps walked past, followed by the Jack in the green, and then morris dancers.

I wandered through woods carpeted with bluebells.

At Alice's Adventures Underground, I attended the Mad Hatter's tea party with abigailb, fluffymark and Monika, blew a party horn in the royal court, crept around sneakily, saw the Cheshire Cat, stared at Alice through the looking glass, saw the Knave of Hearts attempting to paint white roses red, and had a great time in wonderland.

I visited Nottingham, and saw the neon "Run from Fear / Fun from Rear" at the Nottingham Contemporary, and ate a happy hemp burger. I rode on the monorail at Alton Towers.

I visited Caerphilly in Wales, explored the wonderful castle, saw the big cheese sculpture, and ate some Caerphilly cheese.