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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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III (d): Led by a watch around Waterloo

I completed the Flâneurs June challenge III. (d) on Thursday evening, with a few variations.

Instead of using the instructions, "take the first left, then the second right, then the first left, and so on," I wrote an app for the Pebble watch that would randomly display one of the following when I pressed a button:
Take the first left
Take the first right
Take the second left
Take the second right

Pebble watch displaying "Take the first left":

I got on the first bus that came along outside Westminster Cathedral, which was the 211 to Waterloo. I intended to get off the bus after 9 stops, but the bus terminated at Waterloo, so I decided that was where my walk would begin.

"Hello!" the watch said on it, as I started my walk and loaded the app.

I pressed the button on the watch, and it said, "Take the first right," so I did, through a tunnel, where there were mosaics, such as this:

Buses this way mosaic

There was also a sign explaining about "Blake's Lambeth," which is a celebration of the works of William Blake, with 70 mosaic interpretations of his work. There were two of these mosaics in the tunnel.

"Take the second right," said the watch, but there wasn't one, so I just took the first right.

"Stop the £175m garden bridge," stickers said.

"Take the first right," said the watch and I walked past some gnomes that were sitting on a windowsill, and then back through another tunnel, but there were no mosaics this time.

I passed the Hole in the Wall pub and a fishcotheque, presumably where the fish go to dance. "Fishco inferno", a sign said.

I wandered through more and more little tunnels, and went where the watch told me to, and sometimes ended up going in a circle.

Some of the things I saw:




Chimney pots



I passed a plaque for Mary Wollstonecraft (1759 - 1797) - Writer, teacher and champion of women's rights.

I saw a tunnel with 406 written on it in lights:


More buildings:



I walked past Kirkaldy's Testing and Experimenting Works.

I found myself behind the Tate Modern, looking at the half built extension, and at the brightly coloured buildings at Neo Bankside. (For only £19,750,000 you could live in a 4 bedroom flat there.) There was a sculpture of a woman's head outside.

Neo Bankside (behind the other buildings):
Neo Bankside

I stopped after an hour had passed and I reached the river. The walk contained an interesting mixture of tunnels, brick buildings and shiny new buildings and I was surprised at the contrast between them.

The river:

Bankside view

Google Map of the route I took.

The Google Map seems to like to emphasise that I went around in a circle, or rather, a polygon. Also, I'm not sure how accurate this is, as the GPS track I took with my phone ended up being a bit messed up, probably due to the tunnels.


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That's an excellent application of automated instructions! I'm glad that graffiti was only warning you about CATS and not GATORS.

I wonder if many alligators have been sighted in the Thames? I wouldn't be surprised if at least one has. :)

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