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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in June 2015

Fictional characters from children's television programmes I pretended to be:
1. Dipsy from the Teletubbies
2. Soo from Sooty, Sweep and Soo

(1. I found a Teletubbies costume (Dipsy!) strewn on a desk in the office and could not resist trying it on. 2. At atommickbrane's birthday celebration, I wore a Soo mask and danced in my seat to Smells Like Teen Spirit, with Sooty and Sweep.)

Flâneurs' challenges completed:
1. Buses - I took the first bus that came along and then got off after 9 stops and then took the next and so on, and visited Wanstead Flats.
2. Doing something different -I let my watch lead me around Waterloo.
3. Lines - I took a trip to Kingston-upon-Thames and went for a walk along the Hogsmill River.
4. Beer glass walk around Nottingham.

Face the strange

Films seen at the cinema:
1. Uncanny, at the sci-fi film festival - about a realistic humanoid robot.
2. Liquid Sky - Tiny invisible aliens were drawn to heroin, and then caused people to die/vanish when they had an orgasm.

Celebrations/meet ups/social activities:
1. abigailb's birthday at the Pembury.
2. atommickbrane's birthday at the White Hart.
3. Kat's leaving drinks at the Windsor Castle.
4. Monika's leaving lunch at Kazan.
5. Computer Anonymous at St Stephen's Tavern, organised by nou and I.
6. Sight-seeing with teaii, including going on the London Eye, and visiting the Whitechapel Gallery.
7. Wandering around Church House Gardens with my mum.

Things made:
1. I helped re-make the Museum of Lies.
2. I wrote an app for my Pebble watch that told me which way to go.

Things eaten:
1. I ate blue sky caramel ice-cream and stared up at stalactites.
2. Cereal in the Cereal Killer Cafe.