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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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A weekend containing some brutalism

Weekend included:

Listening to sounds that reveal a slightly different London and trying to act inconspicuous. (Monument, an immersive theatre event that uses an app on your phone for the audio, in different locations, while you surreptitiously watch actors.)

Eating a cactus omelette at the Barbican, and watching a strange film where a man arranges a salad on a bed.

Walking in a line of people, slowly following a laser as it moves forward, through a dark tunnel with grey sand, which felt sort of post-apocalyptic. (Light Echoes at the Curve.)

Playing in a brutalist playground. (Fragments of a playground have been recreated at RIBA, from three London post-war housing estates, but it's actually foam not concrete.)

Sitting on beanbags in the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery and watching geometric shapes flashing up on the screen.

Wandering through Hyde Park, taking a boat ride across the Serpentine, seeing people that at first I thought were real but then realised they were sculptures (at the Sackler Gallery), and eating rose and violet ice-cream in the brightly coloured Serpentine Pavilion.

Walking from North Ealing to Ealing Common on a tube walk, through industrial estates and past mock Tudor houses.