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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in July 2015

Woolwich foot tunnel

Became known as an "exciting digital artist", due to the Art / Tech / Networks event at Fish Island Labs, where my Art Hackathon team resurrected the Museum of Lies.

Played some games at the Wellcome Collection at an event curated by several_bees, listened to a talk about game poems, and went for drinks with figg and friends afterwards at the Euston Tap.

Joined nou and friends on an A-Z walk through the Woolwich tunnel, to celebrate her birthday, and then later ate food at the Royal Palace.

Went to messy_hair_girl's Independence Day party and ate some corn pudding.

Went to the Museums Showoff, and cheered Catherine's talk on the Museum of Lies.

Had drinks with Monika and friends at the Windsor Castle.

Went to the Research Thing meet up and listened to talks about remote user testing.

Visited St Albans and looked at art in the town hall.

Ate saffron ice-cream.

Went up to Nottingham for a day, and helped run a focus group and ate pizza.

Played Love Letter in Battersea Park with colleagues, waved to a little boy on a train, saw one of the great trees of London - the Battersea Hybrid Strawberry Tree, had drinks in the Mason's Arms and then in the Magic Garden.

Ate lahmacun.

Had a wonderful time in Margate with my mum. Saw obscene pottery in Grayson Perry's Provincial Punk exhibition at the Turner Gallery; swam in the sea, which was actually quite warm; visited Dreamland which has now reopened; got dizzy on the chair-o-plane wave swinger; sat in a giant deck chair; got lost in a mirror maze; stared at the sea from the top of the big wheel of colour; flew in a hurricane jet I controlled with a joystick; rode a pretty galloping horse on a carousel; listened to the Bad Pandas; ate violet cream ice-cream; bought a ring made from the old scenic railway rollercoaster, which I went on as a child.

Listened to sounds that revealed a slightly different London and tried to act inconspicuous. (Monument, an immersive theatre event that uses an app on your phone for the audio, in different locations, while you surreptitiously watch actors.)

Ate a cactus omelette at the Barbican, and watched a strange film where a man arranges a salad on a bed.

Walked in a line of people, slowly following a laser as it moves forward, through a dark tunnel with grey sand, which felt sort of post-apocalyptic. (Light Echoes at the Curve.)

Played in a brutalist playground.

Sat on beanbags in the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery and watched geometric shapes flashing up on the screen.

Wandered through Hyde Park, took a boat ride across the Serpentine, saw people that at first I thought were real but then realised they were sculptures (at the Sackler Gallery), and ate rose and violet ice-cream in the brightly coloured Serpentine Pavilion.

Walked from North Ealing to Ealing Common on a tube walk, through industrial estates and past mock Tudor houses.

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I can't help feeling you should come to Rotterdam sometime... we have weird digital art and lots of public art in general, a tunnel under the river that looks a lot like that (except it's a double decker, one for on foot and one for bikes) and given Rotterdam's substantial Turkish population, lots of lahmacun. (Then again, you've got all that already, so why come to Rotterdam for more of it? Hmm.)

I've never visited Rotterdam, so perhaps I should sometime!

(Deleted comment)
The focus group was to find out what problems with the website people are phoning about, which is always interesting to hear!

Love Letter is a game with cards, such as the princess, baron, guards, etc. tlrmx brought it to the park, so we played. :) https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/129622/love-letter

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