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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in August 2015

Three Cliffs Bay

Walked on the sandy beach at Three Cliffs Bay. (See picture.)

Went to an adventure playground that was open to adults, and played on a bouncy castle, ate a strawberry and basil ice lolly in a teepee, slid down slides, climbed up into tree houses and the crow's nest, swung on tyre swings, hid inside little houses, clambered over a soft play area, ate Cornish blue cheese and walnut ice-cream, laid in a ball pit.

Saw the world upside down, wandered through dark passages, slid down giant slides on the side of the gallery, felt my nose growing, saw roaming beds, and made mushrooms fly around the room, at Carsten Höller's Decision exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.

Went on holiday to Swansea, and loved waking up in the mornings being able to see the sea from my surprisingly very comfortable water bed. Visited the Mumbles, and played DDR and walked to the end of the Mumbles Pier and saw a large lifeboat. Explored Swansea and saw bits of art scattered around the city, and poems. Visited Rhossli Bay and the beautiful beach there, and saw a shipwreck. Walked around the cliff tops and stared at Worm's Head, saw seals, bobbing. Read poems aloud on buses. Wandered past castles. Ate an ice cream sundae at an ice cream parlour. Saw a brilliant rainbow stretching across the sea.

Attended the wedding of Sophia and Matt, which was wonderful, and it was great to see just how happy and excited they were. :)

Paddled in the sea in Lancing.

Blew bubbles on the beach.

Had dinner with obandsoller, but did not quite manage to get in to the bar you enter through a fridge. (Next time!)

Took the Imberbus (23A) to the uninhabited village of Imber in Wiltshire.

Visited Chitterne and Gobbledygook.

Went on two tube walks: from North Wembley to South Kenton, and from Northwick Park to Preston Road.

Pressed the Chaos button.

Saw Covent Garden full of balloons.

Visited Lights of Soho and looked at photos of art at Burning Man, and at neon signs, and pieces of glass, shimmering.

Looked at photos by Shirley Baker of northern streets with half demolished houses, due to urban clearance programmes.

Visited Peterborough and met up with Gavan and Sally, looked inside the cathedral, peered at an interesting looking clock in a shopping centre, got stuck in a lift very briefly, and spent quite a while laughing about various things in Wilko.

Attended an event in Peterbough to celebrate the Amiga's 30th anniversary. Listened to the former managing director of Commodore UK, David Pleasance, talking about the history of the Amiga; watched an amusing presentation by François Lionet who wrote AMOS; listened to Tony Miller, the sysop from 01 for Amiga BBS talking about BBSes and community; saw Mike Montgomery, one of the Bitmap Brothers, who created games such as Speedball 2; saw Allister Brimble (Team 17); watched Tim Wright (worked for Psygnosis and created music on games such as Lemmings) & Mike Clarke (also worked for Psygnosis) playing music; listened to RJ Mical, one of the original Amiga architects, addressing the banquet; watched Jon Hare (from Sensible Software) and Andrew Barnabas performing songs from games such as Cannon Fodder and Sensible World of Soccer!

Saw a performance of Heartbreak Hotel, with Monika, and then rode on the cable car a few times.

Stayed at a hotel in Heathrow and went to Nine Worlds Geekfest. Went to various talks about games (on topics such as lgbtq+ representation in games, interactive fiction and Twine, and games and museums); got C-Monster to sign a copy of Amiga Power; dressed up as Aimee from Galaxy High (the cartoon from 1986); played the drums in Rock Band to The Time Warp on stage really badly at about 2AM; met Lord Fear from Knightmare Live and got to wear the Helmet of Justice; and crawled through a giant blanket fort in a session run by abigailb.

Didn't manage to make something every day for NaArMaMo (National Art Making Month), but I did make a few things, so that's better than nothing.

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(Deleted comment)
It really was busy! At times, a bit too busy, but it was a fun month. :)

The nose growing bigger thing: I think you had to hold your nose at the same time as putting a vibrating device on your biceps, or something like that, and it was supposed to make it feel like your nose was getting bigger or smaller.

When you press the chaos button, chaos prevails throughout the land. (Or maybe the microwave defrosts things.)

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