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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Imber and Gobbledygook

On August 22nd, I visited Imber in Wiltshire.

Imber is an uninhabited village, which the military took over in 1943. The villagers (about 150 people at the time) were never allowed to return to their homes, even after the war had ended. The church is still standing, but most of the rest of the village has been destroyed and instead there are buildings that are used by the military for training purposes. It's quite a sad place to visit, but also quite interesting and at times, a bit creepy.

From London, I took a train to Salisbury and then met Henry from Infrastructure Club, and we took a train to Warminster.

At Warminster, we got on the Imberbus (23A). The Imberbus only runs on one day a year to Imber and a few other places around Salisbury Plain.

From the bus, you could see rusty tanks scattered in the long grass, some looking quite overgrown.


We got to Imber and went in the church. There were photos of what Imber used to be like, photos of the pub and houses, etc. There were censuses, and some other history, which were interesting to look at.

St Giles' Church

We wandered around a bit and into a few buildings. We weren’t allowed to wander much though, and there were signs everywhere saying "danger".

Sometimes, it felt a bit like we were in a game, particularly with chalk scribbled signs in empty buildings saying "Have you seen her? You will." and the not quite real houses.

Seagrams Farm:

Seagrams Farm

Inside a building

Military buildings:

Grey buildings

Then we got a bus to Gore Cross, and then to Chitterne where we had coffee and cake in the village hall.

We walked through Chitterne looking for a place called Gobbledygook that was marked on the OS map. We couldn’t find anything that said "Gobbledygook" on it, but a resident explained to us that the area used to be called that. (Was it though? Or is Gobbledygook simply a paper town?) Here's the location: Gobbledygook on Streetmap).

Imberbus heading back to Warminster:


More photos on Flickr: Imber.