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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Open House 2015

Great views across London from Tower 42 and the Trellick Tower; visited the cathedral of sewage (Abbey Mills); wandered on a disused platform that has a garden on it, with cabbage and tomatoes and bees at Barbican station; wore a hard hat and fluorescent jacket and walked on the roof of the new Pudding Mill Lane Crossrail station; saw brutalist architecture at the Trellick Tower and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic; visited a synagogue for the first time; wandered down into a large air raid shelter, underground in East Sheen; stood inside the Kilmorey Mausoleum; learnt about expressionist architecture at the Rudolf Steiner House; and went inside a hotel room inside a sculpture that looks a bit like a robot.

These are the places I visited during Open House this year:

1. Tower 42
2. Guildhall
3. Barbican Platform Garden
4. Abbey Mills Pumping Station
5. Pudding Mill Lane Crossrail
6. Trellick Tower
7. 37A Leamington Road Villas
8. New West End Synagogue
9. Embassy of the Slovak Republic
10. St Leonard's Air Raid Shelter
11. Kilmorey Mausoleum
12. Rudolf Steiner House
13. Antony Gormley's ROOM at the Beaumont

Trellick Tower:
Trellick Tower

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I am always so impressed by how much and what you manage to cram into a weekend...

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