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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What I did in October 2015


(Photo taken on a walk from Caswell Bay to Pennard Cliffs, in Wales.)

Visited various brutal utopias, on a bus tour, including the Southbank Centre, Barbican, Balfron Tower, Chrisp Street Clocktower, Trellick Tower, and the Alexandra Road Estate.

Was turned into a zebra by Magda at verlaine and Tessa's house-warming/birthday celebration. Played Agricola. Celebrated verlaine's birthday again the week after at the East Hill pub.

Met up with tackline.

Went fishing for dinosaurs.

Visited a sex shop where everything was made of felt.

Ate tiramisu mochi.

Saw trees made from other trees, outside the Royal Academy of Arts.

Wandered around Clapham South Deep level air raid shelter. (Photos on Flickr: Clapham South.)

Celebrated antipodienne's birthday.

Ate prosecco and elderberry crisps.

Stared at sculptures created by Barbara Hepworth at the Tate Britain.

Watched The Lobster, a strange film about a dystopia where if people do not find a partner in 45 days, get transformed into an animal.

Heard about the existence of a room with chocolate walls and a coconut ceiling at A House Repeated, a sort of text adventure in a person's head. At the end everything was flipped, and the audience were creating the game.

Went on a tour of the Mail Rail.

Met up with some people from Infrastructure Club in the pub afterwards.

Kissed someone who is extremely wonderful. :)

Went on holiday to Swansea and the Gower Peninsula:

Wandered across cliff tops and ate blackberries that were growing there, as butterflies fluttered past and the rock pools sparkled in the sunlight. Walked across sandy beaches and peered inside caves, and at tiny sea snails clinging to the rocks. Made a dragon out of sand. Played DDR in the arcade on the pier. Stared out at the waves glistening in the moonlight.

Places visited: Langland Bay, Caswell Bay, Rotherslade Bay, Limeslade Bay, Bracelet Bay, the Mumbles.

In a car park, I noticed the words, "more poetry is needed," on a billboard.

I wandered through sand dunes in Llanelli, past signs saying, "beware of the wild parsnip," and the sea was do distant I could hardly see it.

Back in Swansea, the tide was in and the waves were awesome and crashing and I stared out at them for sometime, smiling and in wonder.

I visited the Mission Gallery, a converted fishermen's chapel and in a room with red light looked at deleted images from hard drives on the walls.

I stared at soil from the moon in the National Waterfront Museum and in the Dylan Thomas Centre read about how at a surrealist exhibition he gave out cups of boiled string and asked, "weak or strong?"

The waves were dramatic again and I watched them race along the wall and drench those who were too close.

Visited Port Eynon. Wandered across a sandy beach during golden hour when everything was glowing. Walked across springy cliff tops, with amazing views. Looked inside a ruined former smuggler's house (later a salt house. Ate blackberries growing wild along the cliff tops. Wandered across what was left of an ancient submerged forest. Ate Turkish delight ice-cream. Did not see any lizards.

Went on a boat trip up the River Tawe and learnt about the copper works and smelting and how it used to look a bit like hell. Visited Swansea Museum and saw a record breaking cod, wassail vessels and the Mummy of Hor. Started to skip across the beach as the waves crept closer.

Wandered across the beach at Caswell Bay, and then to Brandy Cove and Pwlldu (translates as "Blackpool"), and then through muddy paths up the Pwlldu Head where there were wonderful views and dramatic cliffs and splendid waxcaps. Then onwards, looking for Bacon Hole, and then finishing the walk at Pennard Cliffs and eating toffee apple ice-cream.

Learnt quite a lot about BS5709.

Went on a date with readwriteerase to Itadakizen, a vegan Japanese restaurant.

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Gosh, I don't know how you manage to fit everything in!

Was the Mail Rail tour a one-off, or are they opening it more regularly now before their museum launch?

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